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The project is supported by

The project is supported by

The project idea is based on crowdfunding of creative
initiatives created by formal or informal groups or individuals from Visegrad
countries. It is a pilotage project for such form of developing creativity and
entrepreneurship, especially among the youth.

During the project there will be a new portal where new
initiatives will be presented and gain money to realise them. The successful
ones will make a deal with the project leader. The partners will co-coordinate
the project in Visegrad countries. The project will promote the idea of gaining
money on creative initiatives locally as a pilotage phase. The partners will
spend money on popularizing the creative crowdfunding portal so that the
project would be continued.


The pilotage project lasts from June till September 2015. 

"Cultural e-funding - creative crowdfunding portal in Visegrad countries"

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