CREO – CONDITIONS for the Portal users



1. These Regulations define rules of functioning at (the Portal), and conditions ofservice and usage of the Portal (named Regulations). The Regulations define the rights and obligations of Users and the rights and obligations of the Administrator.

2. Portal Administrator and its owner is Entrepreneurship Innovation Creativity Foundation in Reda.

3. Portal User is any natural person with full legal capacity, legal person or an organization having legal capacity, which uses the Portal. Portal User can also be a natural person with not full capacity to act with permission to act from the legal representative .

4. Project – initiative published by Portal User in order to gain funds for its realisation.

5. The project Creator every PortalUser who publishes its own project to be published and to find sponsors.

6. The Project Sponsor is everyPortal User who voluntarily provides funds to realise the projects published on the Portal.

7. The Materials are all data and information published on the Portal by its Users.

8. Personal Data is information collected in the registration form available at about an individual, processed by the Administrator for the proper provision of services specified in the Portal Regulations.

9. The agreement is an agreement between the Portal User and its Administrator confirmed electronically at the time of its acceptance on the Portal.

10. Services are all benefits of the Administrator for Portal Users exercised within the framework of the Agreement.

11. Regulations is the particular document that provides the terms and conditions of using and operating the Portal as well as the rights and obligations of users, rights and duties of the Administrator.
12. Any data and Personal Information given by the User is open information that can be published as public on the Portal.
13. By using the Portal the User agrees to comply with property copyrights and the rights arising from the registration of patents, trademarks, utility models and industrial users of the Portal and other entities,
14. The Portal Administrator allows the Users on the terms specified in the Regulations:
a) access to Users Materials posted on the Portal by its users,
b) posting Users Materials on the Portal.
c) opportunity to gain outsource funding of the published Projects.
15. Service is intended for use by its Users and for observing to people not logged in within registration process on the Portal.
16. Access to the content contained on the Portal and viewing them is generally available in public. Other functionalities of the Portal are only available for the Users.
17. Registration and creation the User’s account is entirely voluntary. During the registration, the User agrees to all the conditions set out in the Regulations and agrees to abide.
18. Use is tantamount to acceptance Rules. With the acceptance of the Rules following the conclusion of the Agreement.
19. By registering to the Portal, you hereby declares that you:
a) read the Regulations and accept all its provisions,
b) voluntarily joined to use the Portal,
c) personal data contained in the registration form and possibly further amended while using the Portal, are real and User Materials are lawful, in particular, does not infringe the rights of third parties,
d) consents to the personal data processing by the Portal Administrator in order to provide services specified in the Regulations as well as operational and statistical purposes related to the conduct of the Portal,
e) authorizes publishing the Users image placed in the Portal in order to provide the Services and the functionalities of the Portal, as well as stating that third parties whose images are put in the Portal granted their authorization,
20. Categorically it is forbidden to place on the Portal the User’s Materials and that contains illegal content, particularly affecting applicable law, calling for racial hatred, ethnic, religious, pornography, glorifying fascism, Nazism, communism, violent, profanity, violate the rights of others, and alike.
21. The Portal gives its Users opportunity to find funds for projects.
22. The financial resources for the Project implementation shall be collected by the Portal Administrator.
23. Project Creator publishes description of the Project and the amount of financial resources necessary for its implementation and the period of time during which foresees the gaining enough financial resources.
24. The Project Creator determines the level of financial support for the project in particular amount. It should take the cost of financial implementing the project into account up to 33% value of the project due to level of fees (by financial operator PayPal).
25. The collected funds will be transferred to The Project Creator. The amount of transferred funds will be lower of 33 per cent which will be paid to Financial Operator (PayPal) and the Portal service fee will be covered.
26. The Portal Administrator do not guarantee collecting the declared amount of financial resources nor the promoting the particular Project.
27. All the Projects are published on the responsibility of the Project Creator.
28. The Portal Administrator do not take responsibility for the illegal using materials published on the Portal by the third person.
29. The Project Funding may be paid by the Project Sponsor and collected by the Portal Administrator from the date of publishing the Project until the last day of the period specified by the Project Creator as the period required to accumulate funds.
30. State of collected funds is constantly published and visible on the User profile and updated in real time.
31. The transmission of collected funds to Project Creators is possible under condition of collecting at least the whole declared amount of funds within the period specified by the Project Creator (in case of Fixed Projects). Otherwise, collected amount of funds is returned to the Project Sponsors lowered of still PayPal fee and 1 per cent of the transfer (not less than 0,01€) as the financial service fee.
32. In case of Flexible Projects all the collected money are transferred on The Project Creator (bank account or PayPal system). 
33. The Portal Administrator transfers collected funds to Project Creators reduced of service fee and commission payable to the Financial Operator (PayPal) within 14 working days from the date when the declared or higher amount of funds. 
34. The Project Creator is responsible for all the obligatory fees and tax payments individually.
35. The operator shall return the funds to the Project Sponsor within 14 working days from the declared deadline of collecting funds for project
36. Collecting funds by the Portal Administrator can be done by using electronic payments via PayPal.
37. By accepting the Regulations the User agrees on processing of personal data by the Operator, in accordance to the rules of the Regulations
38. The personal data Administrator is the Portal Administrator who performs the processing of personal data of Users in accordance with the law, including in particular the law dated 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (ie Journal. Laws 2002, No. 101, item. 926 as amended.) and the law of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Dz. U. 2001 No. 144, item. 1204, as amended. d.).
39. The User has the right and access to the personal data being processed at any time, as well as the right to correct them and demand their removal.
40. The Portal Administrator has the right both to block and delete the User account, in particular the User whose activities are deem as harmful to the Portal or other Users that are contrary to the morality, the idea of ​​the Portal and its purpose or otherwise negatively affecting the image or reputation of the Portal .


41. All changes of the Conditions are published on the Portal website.